Marli Anguisette

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Beauty. The Baroque and Rococo (late Baroque) era. Femininity. Sexuality in all forms. Music. Red Lips and Finger Tips. Heels. Pure obscenities. Corsets and Hosiery. Macabre. Poe. Byron. Blake. Keats. Beethoven. Voltaire. Milton. Bradbury. Salvatore. Lovecraft. Wilde. Homer. Food. The Balance of Good and Evil. Drinking Tea from a proper Cup and Saucer. Knowledge. Wisdom. Love. Cats. Domination.

Favourite quote:

"I am darkness, I am sin
The Queen of lust invited in
Reborn at last to cast my
Fecund shadow on this world,
You shall worship me, enslaved
For many lovers shall I crave
And in return, I'll gladly pave
Your psycho path with pearls"

Mar. 01, 14

04:17 PM

Makeup of the day.

Makeup of the day.

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